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SCS Food Label Checking Membership

With a membership you get exclusive access to our food label checking and translations services first & fast.

You’ll have direct member helpline to all our services:

  • global regulations
  • product development
  • nutrition advice
  • food safety
  • food labelling

We plan to have online membership access soon, but to become a member of SCS | Global Food Labelling please contact us on 0345 548 8900 or


Label Check Services

  • Food, food supplement and beverage review service
  • Guidance on health & nutrition claims
  • Support with recipe and nutritional information
  • Compliance report
  • Professional service

Label Check Benefits

  • Get it right first time
  • Due diligence
  • Maximise your marketing on pack
  • Reduce the risk of product recall / withdrawal
  • Avoid costly packaging waste

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Our Services

Food Label Check

Ensure your labels are legally compliant.

Food Label Translation

Ensure clear communication with your international food & beverage market.

Regulatory Consultancy

Ensure you comply with the food regulations around the globe.

Food Safety

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Nutrition Information

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