Nutrition Information

Many countries have regulations requiring some form of nutrition labelling.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition labelling is the provision of information about the nutritional content of food and is most commonly applied to pre-packaged food and drink.

Many countries have regulations requiring some form of nutrition labelling, with development ongoing in several more.  There are however, many differences between countries on the specifics of nutrition labelling and what may be compliant in one country may contravene regulation in another.

Variables include: the type and number of nutrients labelled, the reference values used, whether the information appears on front-of-pack (FOP) or back-of-pack (BOP) and whether the label gives any interpretative guidance to the consumer.

Using your nutritional data we can ensure that the nutrition information provided on pack complies with the requirements of each country including the UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia.

Nutrition & Health Claims

When designing products with nutrition or health claims in mind, or thinking about retrospectively adding a claim to an existing product, it is important that you fully understand the legislation involved, and the effects this could have on how you formulate your product or how you phrase the claims that you are making about it.

Legislation exists to control unsubstantiated, exaggerated or untruthful claims about foodstuffs. It aims to ensure that claims made about food are substantiated by scientific evidence and are not misleadingly worded.

We can check any Health or Nutrition claim and ensure it is compliant with the requirements.

Label Check Services

  • Food, food supplement and beverage review service
  • Guidance on health & nutrition claims
  • Support with recipe and nutritional information
  • Compliance report
  • Professional service

Label Check Benefits

  • Get it right first time
  • Due diligence
  • Maximise your marketing on pack
  • Reduce the risk of product recall / withdrawal
  • Avoid costly packaging waste

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Food Label Check

Ensure your labels are legally compliant.

Food Label Translation

Ensure clear communication with your international food & beverage market.

Regulatory Consultancy

Ensure you comply with the food regulations around the globe.

Food Safety

Ensure you have robust food safety systems in place satisfying the requirements of due diligence.

Nutrition Information

Ensure your nutrition labelling is relevant to your market and get the best out of your nutritional data.

Specification & Pack Copy

Ensure accurate product specifications preventing errors on final product packaging.

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