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About Us

We are UK based experts in all aspects of UK, European and International food regulation, we are the first choice for food manufacturers, importers and retailers wanting reliable, independent advice on food labelling.

Our team have been recruited from across the food industry; they have extensive experience and insight into the pressures companies face every day in meeting the demanding standards of retailers, and also the commercial pressures of getting labelling right first time. This means they will always try to work with you to give you advice on how to comply with food legislation, while being as flexible as possible to find a commercial solution to your labelling issues.

Why Choose SCS?

International Compliance

SCS offers advice and approvals for all your international food labelling requirements. Our end-to-end process delivers consistent international pack copy and artwork. Our regulatory experts are native language speakers and provide advice and approvals for over 100 countries.

Consumer Confidence

Consumers are becoming more discerning, they want to be well informed and make good food choices. SCS can help you to formulate health & nutrition claims on your packaging and compile a list of ingredients that will increase consumer confidence in your product.

Friendly Expert Advice

Our experts are highly qualified, very experienced and have daily access to up-to-date legislation in over 100 countries. Our experts keep a finger on the pulse regarding any changes in compliance and are on hand to help you apply these changes to your label.

Right First Time

Food labelling errors can can lead to a product recall and this is a major threat to food companies.  SCS supports the food industry in product specifications, pack copy and artwork approval with a ‘Right First Time’ approach. 


We’re here to help

SCS | Global Food Labelling


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